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      Sear Kenmore Water softner, Mod.No. 625.348591, Ser. No. 38323, Date Code 99110.
      No soft water after one year three months, I have drained the salt tank, removed all of the salt, cleaned the tank valve and checked for opertion. cleaned the venturi and nozzle, checked the backwash tube for blockage. It appears to operate, the water flows into the tank to the level shut off, the backwash cycle operates and the rotary valve appears to go around correctly for a complete cycle. I have put in the de-calcifer powder supplied with the new water softener, it operated correctly until two to three months ago. Any other suggestions on what to check?

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      Call Sears and have them verify the rated capacity of your softener against your waters present hardness. If your brine tank is still empty place the softener control head in the brine draw position use a flashlight to check the sides of the brine tank. The liquid level should be slowly dropping (hard to see watch surface tension of water against side of brine tank). I would also like to know if this is well water or city water and your TDS level (total dissolved solids).

      Respectfully David F. Walling

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      Thank you for your reply. I have city water, and the water softner is a high volume unit for only two people in the house. It worked perfect for one year, I noticed when I cleaned it out there was salt sludge in the bottom 4 inches of the tank, I kept the tank full of salt and never let it get low.I have put 3 bags of new salt into the tank so I could see the water level.When I first set it up over a year ago. I set it up on the recommended levels in the manual and raised it 10 more points and backwashed it twice as much. We never ran out of soft water in the past. I don’t know what the current TDS are. I will try the brine draw position this weekend to se if the tank water level drops. Please let me know if you have some more ideas. Thanks again.

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