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      I have a bad smell under kitchen sink ( i.e. sulfur/gas) that only occurs when temperature drops to freezing.
      Can you tell me why and how to solve problem. Any help will be much apprecitaed.

      Things already done – pumped septic, plumbers checked vents, checked under kitcken floor for dead animal,
      removed kitcken cabinets to check for loose connections in wall above sink, replaced drains in basement floor.



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      Have you checked you dishwasher for this odor?

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      Cal, It certainly sounds like an open vent or cracked or broken vent fitting or pipe. It may only open with a temp. change. Have a plumber perform a “smoke test” on the vents, it worked for me in the past when we could not locate an open vent in acold air return. Your local plumbing inspector may help you also. They can be real tough to find without this. steve

Viewing 2 reply threads
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