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      I have customer who has an anti-siphon frost proof faucet that is missing the screw-on back flow preventer on the outlet of the faucet. His problem is that he cannot connect a garden hose to the faucet because the thread on the outlet of the faucet is a fine thread (thread OD is about 1.25). The fauecvt is about 7 years old. I could not find a name on the faucet.Apparently, this manufacturer wanted to make sure that the faucet could only be used with their special thread backflow preventer. This customer has checked around and has been told that they dont have parts for that obsolete faucet. Rather than tear out a brick wall to replace the faucet, he wants to could up with the part. QUESTION:Who was the manufacturer of this faucet? Any leads on where to look for one of these special threaded back flow preventer? Has anyone ever made up an inexpensive adapter to get to a 3/4 MGHT ?Thanks in advance…..

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      The frost proof faucet I described is manufactured by Arrowhead Brass Products in Los Angeles, CA USA (323-343-9790) and is of the APACHE series product line. The manufacturer had a problem with some states regulatory agencies concerning the possible connection of a garden hose to the faucet without thge vaccum braeker in place (the faucet body had garden hose threads) THEREFORE, to satisfy these particular states, the company makes some of these faucets with a fine thread on the outlet so the special threaed vacuum braker must be in place to make a connection to a garden hose. IF anyone cares, the part no. for this special vacuum breaker is 58 BFPC and can be ordered thru major plumbing supply houses. (Arrowhead doesn;t even show this part in their wholesaler catalog but indeed it is available (about $6 ea).

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      Mr. Grable,Most of the plumbing codes require that if there is a backflow preventer on the outlet of a Freezeless Hydrant, and it is removed, a hose cannot be thread onto it. The theory is if the backflow preventor is removed, the protection of the potable water system is at risk, and they dont want a hose attached.As for the manufacturer, could be one of numerous different manufacturers. I dont know of a low priced adapter, maybe a machine shop could make one, but it wouldnt be inexpensive.I am afraid you will have to replace the product. Nick

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