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      How do I test to see if a hot water element is bad?

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      Mssr. Thompson you can determine if the element burned out by using
      an inexpensive volt/ohm meter in the ohms mode. With the power off to the heater, and the wires disconnected from the elements’ electrical terminals, check for continuity. If there is no reading, the element is open, throw it away. If there is continuity between either terminal and the metal of the body of the element, it is shorted and also needs to be discarded. If you get a reading between the two
      terminals , it is safe to assume
      that the element is ok.
      An easier way to check the element is while it is still on
      the heater. If the appropriate voltage is being applied to the terminls on the element, and it is not heating, it is defective and should be replaced.
      Care must be excercised while you
      are working on any electrical equipment because of the ever present possibility of electrocution.

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      fourth year

      In the absence of a voltmeter, I usually use my camel. If he reacts when I place his nose on the element, hopefully he does not fall over, (I lose more camels that way), and the water is not getting hot, then I know the element is bad and should be thrown away. If the camel fell over, then I throw it away with the element. Then I go to your brother’s used camel lot to get another one, hopefully one used by a little old lady in Sun City who just used it to go to church on Sundays.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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