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      How do you keep a sink disposal from smelling bad

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      Jim:I assume youre talking about a garbage disposal. A disposal smells because its dirty & needs to be cleaned. Food put into the disposal splatters up around the top of the disposal & begins to smell. Solution: clean the inside of the disposal! Pack the disposal with ice cubes clear to the top. Pour liquid soap directly into disposal, all over the ice cubes, then turn disposal on. As ice cubes break up the sharp edges combined with soap will clean the inside of disposal. Watch the ice/soap turn from white to grey to darker grey as inside of disposal scours clean. Flush with water & examine job done. This may need to be repeated 1-3 times. Task can also be helped by physically scrubbing the inside of disposal to the extent you are able. (A large mans hand will not fit inside disposal, I always have my wife do this job!) Obviously one would do this while DISPOSAL NOT RUNNING! Complete job by grinding up entire citrus (orange or lemon) to leave disopsal smelling fresh & clean. This method works surprising well, best of luck!: How do you keep a sink disposal from smelling bad

Viewing 1 reply thread
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