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      When replacing my bathtub drain, I was told told to use plumbers putty between the top surface of the fiberglass tub drain hole and bottom on the metal drain fixture that screws in. The putty seems to still be soft 24 hours later and I was wondering if you are supposed to wait a certain amount of time to let the putty dry to create the watertight seal. No directions on the putty can? Does the putty need to dry over several days before I test the seal or does it simply stay plyable/soft?


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      I’ve used Plumbers Putty before around drain flanges, I know it stays pliable and dosen’t really dry. If the putty was applied evenly around the underside of the flange and when tightened down snug
      alittle bit the putty ooozed out between the gap, it should seal itself. The Tub water wouldn’t be under pressure. The putty itself is waterproof.

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