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      The drip is from my pressure relief valve. I replaced it today (new and old one rated as 150 psi) and the new one drips also.
      Possible related facts:
      My house water pressure is 60psi. Also, when I moved in 4 years ago, I had problems with hot water coming out of some of the cold water faucets (those close to the heater) so I installed a device (name escapes me) that prevents hot water from back flowing into the cold water inlet. This fixed that problem.

      What do i do? Can I try a slighly higer rated pressure relief valve or is that dangerous? What other options do I have?


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      Do not change to a higher T&P valve. Your system needs to have a thermal expansion tank installed. This compensates for the increased pressure from the heating water.

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      Remove the damn NO NAME DEVICE before you rupture your tank.

      You should invest some time reading the ASME section IV code before you blow yourself away

Viewing 2 reply threads
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