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      Anonymous brand name. It
      s Navy Blue – almost black. No markings at all. The metal pieces at the top of the disposal – what hooks it to the sink is still hooked up – the disposal, itself was removed from the metal lip.It just popped off. Can’t figure out how to get it back on snuggly. Thanks. J.

      OK, so I got it apart and dislodged the coin one of my angels deposited in the disposal. Now, how the heck do I get it back together again? Anyone out there with some instructions on how to re-install a gargage disposal?

      Somehow I got the machine dislodged from the drain mechanism and who knows how to get it back in?? Bless you for some help!
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      you will need to give up the brand of disposal before anyone can tell you how to install it.

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      What brand is your garborator??

Viewing 2 reply threads
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