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      My kid knocked the drain valve off of my hot water heater. I noticed that some type of sediment came out with the water. Can I just replace the drain valve or dose the whole hot water heater need to be replaced?

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      Unscrew the broken piece and replace it with a 3/4″ close nipple and female hose faucet.

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      Thanks, second part of the problem is that when it broke off the threaded part of the drain valve was cut off inside the threads. Any Idea on how to get that part removed from the threads?

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      Never EVER use a “Close ” nipple as it has no integrity UNLESS you opt for a schedule 80 Brass nipple ONLY a stumble bum Billy butt Crack would use a weak all thread nipple on any pressure vessel see ASME section IV Or NBBI

      You are better off with a Brass long shank hose bib or boiler cock.

      About removing the broken part use an extractor (easy out) Or if your semi skilled in mechanics you can use a hack saw blade and gently cut out the old part being very careful not to cut into the female threads.

      Cut in two places about a 1/2″ apart and using an old screw driver cut out the cut section then cave in the threads and you can pick it out.

      You should also consider having a tap available in case you have to retap the threads.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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