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      I have a Heatmaker 130HWLP propane boiler, and am considering adding a hot water tank. Should I get an indirect hot water heater and run it off my boiler, or should I get a direct gas water heater (it would have to be a power-vent tank, because there is no chimney downstairs). Which is more efficient, and which heats water faster? Thanks!

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      Harold Kestenholz

      An indirect water heater has the advantage of not requiring venting. The boiler you have with a 40 gallon indirect will create 100 gallons of hot water in an hour; this should be sufficient, if not, you can get a very large one and store more. Usually the indirect water heater has more insulation than a gas-fired water heater. You can read a design discussion of the concept at:
      in the Lessons section.

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