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      I have a propane Heatmaker boiler to heat my 1800 sq ft house (2 separate zones), and it is supposed to supply hot water on demand. Unfortunately, it produces only moderately warm water, and at extremely low water pressure. It take 40 minutes to put 6″ of water in the bath tub, and the faucet has to be completely on hot. I have had it flushed out, but that did not fix it. Is there any way to actually get hot water on demand, or do I need a hot water tank? Will anything bump up the hot water pressure (I am on well water)? Thanks!

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      Harold Kestenholz

      It seems your tankless coil is almost clogged shut. You would have to have it cleaned to restore its usefulness. Now is a good time to install an indirect tank that will cause less problems and provide more flexible hot water usage.

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