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      I just moved into a new home and had a Culligan water softener installed because of hardness in the well water. Along with the outdoor unit is an under-sink triple filter with a small reservoir. Water from the reservoir can be drawn from a tap on the kitchen sink, and also feeds an ice-maker in the refrigerator. The problem Im having is that ever since the unit was installed it has been randomly producing a high-pitched squealing noise. The noise lasts about 5-15 seconds and, while it often occurs when either the main tap or the filtered water tap is *turned to the off position*, it can also occur with no water flowing (even with the ice maker set to off). The sound is definitely emenating from the reservoir tank; there is an outflow valve and tube on the top and I have been able to open the sink cabinet and both hear and actually feel the sound/vibration coming from the tank, apparantly from the area of the valve. Ive talked to the Culligan installer and he says he cannot help me. Any ideas? Its driving me nuts.-Rich

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