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        I have an older home with speakman plumbing fixtures. The tub has four knobs and separate shower and tub spouts. The tub spout is leaking hot water. We have replaced all four stems and seats. It stopped leaking for a little while but has now started again and keeps getting worse. I have had a plumber out and it is still leaking. What else could be wrong? Help!
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          If you had a plumber out, then have him return and fix the problem. If the seats on the valves are worn or damaged, the new washers will only seat for a short time. The valve seats need to be inspected. If the plumber you had will not return and do the job right, then you don’t want him working for you anyway. Find a competent repairman. Good luck.

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            robala is correct.
            One common cause of a failed “seat and washer repair” is a loose or cross-threaded seat. Make sure the new plumber checks the seat thread condition before he installs the new seat. A second fairly common explanation is a cracked fixture.
            the tinker

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