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      Don Curley

      I have a very pretty brass tap in my bathroom which leaks. I’ve taken off the shield with a spanner but the tap mechanism doesn’t come off with the shield. Underneath is a bevel for the tap handle to fit on and below that a spring clip and then a 15mm nut. The nut however won’t turn and I can’t see any kind of gap where the thread might go into the tap itself. I realise this is probably a stupid question. Any clues as to how I get the tap apart to change the washer?

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      Scott Bryan

      From your description it sounds like you have a creamic disc cartridge. If this is the case you will more than likely have to replace the complete cartridge. It does just unscrew using the hex under the clip sometimes they aer very hard to remove.


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      Jerry Peck

      I know this may seem elementary and I am sure it was done, but …

      If the spring clip is not removed, the center cartridge will not come out. Did you remove the spring clip?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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