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      We recently had a new home built and we are on a septic system. Our
      toilets do not have a powerful flush at all and we have constant clogs occur.

      Can you recommend a technique because the old fashioned plunger does not seem to take care of the stoppage in one or two tries like it did when we were on a sewer. We keep plunging and plunging and eventually it clears.
      What is the best plunger on the market and how should we be using it?

      Thanks for your help. Linda

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      In response to Linda Kelley: Unfortanally you may have what we call a water saver toilet, it doesn’t allow as much water to flush toilet. What you need is a closet auger, can be purchased at most hardware stores. It is a hand held snake, which is very simple to use, but be careful not to scratch the toilet. The septic system has nothig to do with this problem, it is most likely, just that you probably have a water saver toilet.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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