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        Hello. I am a homeowner of a newly built 4 bedroom house. I suspect that my hot water may be too small for a house this size because I often run out of hot water after 1 or 2 baths/showers/dishwasher/washing machine running at the same time. Could anyone please tell me what size tank I should have? (It runs on propane). Thanks!

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        Avatar photoKara

          To Kara: Water heaters can not be hurried. If the home is new it was probably built according to minimum standards for your local area. ( where is this by the way). Moving to the country has its disadvantages. No public or city service. Your best move in my oppinion is: If you dont want to have to regulate your usage of HOT water. Is to parallel pipe a second propane water heater next to the first one. Ask your Plumber about the cost. or email Me back. Mark Tiernan Tiernan Bros. Plbg Gary In.USA

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          Avatar photoKara

            You probably only have a 40 gal water heater now. Add another one same size and pipe it in with a five valve series/parallel piping arrangement. This way you can run the tanks in series with the initial tank set 10 degrees lower than the second tank. When one tank or the other goes out you simply shut off the appropriate valves and you can still use either of the two tanks, for the price of three valves…..Lou

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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