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        My water heater is a 40 gallon State 510E Propane model, approximately 9 years old. For the last couple of years, Ive been having a problem getting enough hot water to fill my tub for a nice hot bath or for family members to take 2 showers in a row. This problem is intermittent. Weve turned up the heat a bit and the water is hotter but the problem persists. Ive just turned it up another notch and it is in the low end of the energy efficiency zone. When we first bought the house, this wasnt a problem. Do you think we need a new heater or is there some way to get out any built up deposit? Suggestions? What is the average life of a heater like this? Thank you…Nancy Guenther

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          What you have is called poor recovery and you may be able to fix if your heater is not in to bad of shape. You will need to drain your water heater. To do this hook a hose on the drain at the bottom of the heater and turn your pilot light turn vaction, now open the drain and flush out the heater using the house water pressure. flush it out until you see all the white cendiment is gone.. good luck your friend the pipexpert..

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