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      We live in a rural area and are on a rural water district hook up. Our line to the house is about 2,000 ft. A leak surfaced last summer which we repaired this weekend, however, since the repair, we have virtually NO water pressure and the water that does come in is very dirty. The meter at the end of the line, stops running about 10 minutes after all water to the house is turned off. This meter used to run continuously before we repaired the leak.. We have let the hoses run trying to get air out of lines and dirt washed out but it does not get better. The longer we run water the less pressure we have of dirty water. Could we have another leak even though the meter does not run after all water is off?????
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      Hey Jude,
      It sounds as if the line is plugged.
      The question is where on the 2000′ line is it plugged?
      This is one of those hard to fix from afar problems. If I was there, I would install a hose bibb at the top of the line and see if I could get water to run near the house. If not then I would go to the meter and with it off disconnect the union to see if when I turn it on there is water.
      Somewhere water is not getting through, I would guess that there is no more leak, but again it is easier to tell if I was there.Another question that would need to be answered is, Does it pump uphill from the street?
      Good Luck,
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California http://www.TheLocalPlumber.com
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