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      I hope you can help me I have tried everything possible to fix my leak but nothing works !

      Water is leaking into the bowl from the tank. I have replaced the entire flush valve and still have the
      problem. The funny thing is when I remove the tank put it on the bench and fill it with water it does not
      leak !!! Not from the flapper or the washer around the flapper not one drop. However when I put the tank
      back it leaks ! I have ensured the water level in the tank is one inch below the fill tube.

      FYI The toilet is about 20 years old and does not have the ball cock system . It has a round plastic
      floating disc that closes off the water inlet when the arm attached to it reaches a certain height.

      Any suggestions.


      Frustrated in Ottawa Canada !!

      P.S. I also have changed the flapper twice as I the first repair I decided on was just changing the
      flapper. When the problem persisted I changed the entire flush valve.

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      Here’s one possibility:

      When the tank is installed you have tightened everything down tight, versus bench testing the tank when you are probably just sealing the holes up.

      You may have a minute crack which opens up when the tank to bowl bolts are tightened, when the flush valve nut is tightened or when the water level control fill valve is installed and tightened.

      A possibility?

Viewing 1 reply thread
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