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      my radiator in the bathroom has water in it upon bleeding the radiator i filled a bucket now all
      of a sudden i have no heat in three areas of the apt.i have heat in the kitchen, and bathroom, but the
      remaining 3 rooms have none i opened the bleeder valves on all the rest i get air for a little while and
      thats it nothing else behind it this is and old home built in the 60s i am on the 3rd floor can you give me
      some advise thanks sincerly eddie rivera

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      If you bled out the air and didn’t manually refill the system you may not have enough pressure to allow proper circulation.

      When a boiler system is filled Via automatic feeder Normally set 12-15 PSI this does not allow for making a positive pressure on the upper floors.

      You see even 15 PSI would only let the system fill to a height of 34.65 ft Above the fill pressure.

      What most of us heating folks do is increase the pressure another 4 or 5 PSI so we have positive pressure above the highest radiator/baseboard so air is forced out when we bleed these types of heating systems and no chance of causing a slight vacuum when the water cools down.

      Have a LMP show you how to add this pressure safely and possibly install high quality Spirovent automatic bleeders that remove micro bubbles from this system.

      At least you didnt ask a stock clerk “how to” like Dumbell Jack does.

      They wrote a book a long time ago about “the house jack built” LOL

Viewing 1 reply thread
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