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        HELP! Were at wits end and havent been able to find anyone to help. We feel that we are sitting on a time bomb.Our 2 year old State Industries Sandhog water heater with a 10 year warranty (model number SDX-40-2ART) seems to randomly overheat. We have replaced the circuit breaker and the house is only 16 years old, so we dont suspect the wiring. Even though we were told it is not necessary to flush the tank, we have done so once and plan to do it again sometime this summer.On occassion the water is heated to extremely high temperatures, (well over 180 degrees Farenheit according to my meat thermometer). Everytime the problem has corrected itself.Several plumbers have found nothing wrong and merely turned down the thermostats, which are now set as low as possible. The last plumber that was here was shocked the temperature pressure relief valve had not opened due to the high temperature of the water.This has been happening on occassion for approximately a year and a half. It was this same problem that led us to replace our original water heater, after owning the house for only 2 months.Thanks in advance for your help. Sergio Rubio [email protected]

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