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        Hope someone can help. In the past year or so, the area has lost electrical power for several hours. Once it came back on, there was no hot water from the electrical hot water heater. The first time, it took two weeks until the hot water suddenly reappeared. It just happened again, what can I do to get hot water as soon as possible. Thanks for your help. P.S.-I think I pushed reset buttons and I think all breakers are in on position.

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        Avatar photoArt Vandelay

          Utility companies in some areas install (usually optional) Load management terminals on air conditioning systems that they can shut down for short periods of time by pulsed signals. Ive not seen them on water heaters, but if yours is connected through one, and its shut down (youll see a red light on it, instead of a yellow/green one) nothing downstream from it will work. Could be a bad LMT, as well, even if it shows green. Try metering the power at your water heater to see if youre getting 220V.Sound too complicated? Get help from someone who understands it rather than attempting to check it if youre not sure you can do it safely.

      Viewing 1 reply thread
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