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Hot Water (rotten egg) smell from a State Hot Water Heater

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        we purchased our home two years ago and it has a State Hot Water Heater. There wasnt any service booklets or manuals left by the previous owners. We were using a shallow bored well (depth of 40 feet) for our water supply and after the drought last year we had to have a new well put in – we opted for a drilled well and the depth is approximately 200 feet. We installed a Water COnditioning unit in January and we are still having a problem with the rotten egg smell in the hot water associated with the sulphate bacteria that causes this. We have treated the well with bleach and have added bleach to the salt tank (our conditioning unit uses the type of filter media that is not harmed by bleach). I have no idea where the anode(s) are in this unit. Where can I find information to solve this problem ? Any suggestions ? Where are the anode(s) ? I have read the other two postings on the State Hot water heater – seems like the only resolution for our problem is to replace the hot water heater – any suggestions of another brand that would be compatible with our water type ? I have the water test report that was done by the local Extension service that I could scan and send if that would be of a help. Please advise. Thanks !

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