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      I have a foul smell in my home’s hot water system. The plumber replaced the rod in the tank a month ago and chlorinated the system. When the smell came back, he came back and replaced the rod with a different metal and chlorinated again. Now, two weeks later, the smell is back. The plumber suggested a drip chlorine system. Any second opinions?

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      whats your water supply ??? mains or well ??

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      Have you always had this problem or is it a recent problem?

      How old is the water heater?

      What temperature is the water heater set to?

      Is the smell only in the hot water?

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      Your water likely contains a Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB). These are not harmful. Just a smelly nuisance. Continuous chlorination is the solution. A drop pellet or a chemical feeder for liquid chlorine should be used to do continuous chlorination of the well water. You will likely also want a carbon filter on the drinking water to remove the chlorine.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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