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        Running about 20 feet of 3/4″ copper pipe in basement to new sink. Give me the quick instructions on how to sweat the joints. Reply on this board and also email me at– [email protected]

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        Avatar photoGuest

          Hi-clean outside of copper pipe, and inside of couplings until shiny
          apply solder flux to all sufaces, sparingly, heat slowly from under pipe, touching solder to copper every few seconds to test for readiness, solder will flow all around joint when heated to proper temp., you can wipe joints with wet rag right after to clean and make them look professionally done.

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            Better Homes and Gardens web site also has excelent step by step illustrated information

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              have spent all day sweating copper pipe..got one leak in a valve conection.Do I need to heat the valve off or can I add flux and resolder……Help

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              Avatar photoHarold Kestenholz

                You might ‘get lucky’ by adding flux and heating, but the best way is to remove the valve to examine how well you are covering the interior joint with solder, then cleaning and resoldering the valve in place.

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