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      The upstairs shower/tub in my condo leaks down onto my garage floor. I’ve already tried filling up the bathtub and letting the water drain to see if the drain was leaking, and I’ve re-grouted the tile and caulked around the tub. It only seems to be leaking when the shower is in use. I’m thinking it might be where the shower head connects to the pipe behind the wall. There is a water stain on our kitchen ceiling directly below the bathtub, but the majority of the water still winds up on the garage floor, underneath the kitchen. Help ! !

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      Your shower head riser pipe may be leaking. It is the pipe between the valve(behind the handles) and the threaded elbow behind the shower head. First try to unthread your shower head and apply some thread sealant, then replace. If that doesn’t work it could be the connections behind the wall which will involve much more work. If your lucky you may have a closet behind the tub and can cut the sheet rock to get to it. It will cause you to refloat the sheetrock when replaced and you will have to paint it again. If you don’t have access from behind the project will be more difficult. Any other questions email me directly at pmbrunner2@msn.com

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