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      I have an upstairs toilet for which the bowl will mysteriously drain over the course of 4-6 hours.

      I suspect that something in my venting is causing the the bowl to siphon dry but I am unsure about how to test this.

      The flange seal does not leak and I have replaced the toilet. This toilet is situated close to the stack and where the stack exits the roof. A tub and sink share the same drain. The attached sink has a supplemental vent that exits the roof within 10 feet of the stack.

      I have an identical toilet situated downstairs and connected to the same stack and drain – this one works properly.

      Any ideas ?


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      Oscillation can cause this kind of phenomena.

      Do you possibly have a down draft situation?

      You could also have a mop string or dental floss or some other absorbent materials acting like a wick causing capillary action.

      The easiest thing is to auger this toilet 1st THEN if nothing is found
      check your vent location for possible down drafts.

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      Hi Sylvan,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      There is nothing in the toilet. It is brand new and I checked its trap before I installed it.

      I don’t know what a down draft situation is – could you explain what is is and how you detect it.


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