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      I have a well and suddenly the pump switches on/off too fast. Goes on for 1-2 seconds then off for 10 seconds then on again etc. The pressure guage fluctuates between about 28-48 psi during the on/off cycle. In other words, the pressure only takes 10 seconds to drop from 48 to 28 even with only one faucet on slowly. Then the pump takes 1-2 seconds to bring the pressure back to 48. I used a tire guage on the tank (when full) and it reads 29psi (it was factory set at 30psi). Tapping on the tank indicates water maybe 2/3 of the way up. A note near the switch says to check the air volume control if the switch cycles too fast, but I don’t see any air vol control. I shut off the pump and drained the tank, and there was zero pressure at the scrader valve. Then restarted the pump but there was no difference. Will this burn out my pump and how soon? Should I have added air somehow (bicycle pump?) when the tank was drained? Also the pressure guage needle gets stuck and only moves if I hit the guage. There is a nut on top of tank but not sure if that opens tank or what. Any ideas? Thank you.
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      I eventually figured it out. It was simply a matter of draining the tank and then using a bicycle pump to pressurize the empty tank to 30 psi. Voila!

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      Classic expansion tank woe’s. What’s neat about your post is that you figured it out yourself never check any expansion tanks air pre-charge when the tank has water in it.


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