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      A plumbing supplier has about 2000′ of 1/2″ poly-B tubing he’s trying to sell for a next to nothing. I’d buy it if I knew there is a use for it other than water supply piping, and that it would still be safe to use. I could resell it cheap, and still make a tidy profit. Any suggestions??

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      People have used it successfully over two decades for radiant and baseboard heating connections. The tubing has been criticized for being affected by chlorine at high temperature, but this has occurred when there is a steady supply of chlorine from a water supply. This is not the condition in a sealed heating system. The newer Stadler bronze fittings and the Stadler or Wirsbo method of connectors could solve the connector problems.

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      The booklet I have on poly-b states that it should not be used in continuously circulating hot water systems, or for the first 3′ of a branch off such a system.

      This would seem to eliminate the use of poly-b in radiant heating systems or other hot water circulating systems.

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