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      I’ve recently purchased a brand new home and noticed that quite of bit of noise coming from the
      walls. I knew some of it had to do with gas (heat) expansion and contraction. However, one thing that
      puzzles and annoys me is the loud whack or sound of an object falling a great distance. It’s coming from
      the 1st floor near the fireplace and it occurs whenever the bathroom sink, located above on the 2nd floor,
      is turned on. I expected potential rustling or ticking noise but not that loud whack. It’s not continuous
      either. Can you think of a plausible explanation for that loud noise? As I am under warrantee, I’d like to
      address any potential problem, but I don’t want to put them to any unnecessary trouble if it’s part of its
      natural phenomenon. Thank you!

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      Julie, What you are no doubt hearing is the pipe behind the wall. When water is called for at the lav. upstairs the pipe which is not properly secured in the wall moves and bangs against the inside of the wall.
      To make it right the wall will have to be broken into from one side or the other to secure it, per code, to the studs in the wall.
      You should not have to put up with this noise. The best time to deal with this sounds like now rather than later when you will be footing the bill.
      Good Luck,
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California

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