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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        Need to know how to drain our water heater. The popping is so loud and is driving us crazy. I have the
        general idea but would love some specific direction if someone could help me! )

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        Avatar photoGuest

          Susan I found the following information on the bulliten board: Do I have to disonnect COLD water supply to drain? I turned my electric heater off, loosened the ‘outflow’ pipe for air, and opened the drain valve, but no flow came out…. What’s wrong?

          murphyplumbing.com wrote on 07 November 2000 at 12:17 AM:
          hook it back up and turn the water back on. open the drain valve, this will force the sediment out of the way so it can drain. let it run full blast for a couple minutes then turn off the water and then open the faucets in the home to break the airlock.

          SylvanLMP wrote on 07 November 2000 at 01:36 AM:
          Greg, congratulations You just learned what a vacuum is in plumbing and why plumbers rely on vents to allow atmospheric pressure to be equal.
          In other words OPEN THE RELIEF valve or any hot water faucet to allow into this tank TA DUMMMMM

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          Avatar photoGuest

            i open my vent, opened the drain, and opened a hot water faucet but still no drain….what am i missing?!?!?!?!?!

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            Avatar photoTheLocalPlumber

              Sediment has built up on the bottom of the water heater. The sediment has plugged the drain hole.
              This is not a job for a do it yourselfer…..
              Here is the job in a nutshell with no specifics as I would not want to give you any information for which you may injure yourself or someone dear to you.
              With the electric power off and no water pressure to the vessel, the drain valve needs to be unscrewed and unplugged before the heater will drain.
              Sediment build up is a usual occurrence as heaters get older and the popping noise you hear is a direct result of cold water heating at the bottom of the heater and rising thru the sediment thus creating a popping sound.
              When the heater is cleared of its sediment this noise will go away.
              Good Luck,
              The Local Plumber
              Tustin, California http://www.TheLocalPlumber.com

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