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      I am considering buying an older home. The kitchen has a 77 inch long radiator and it is 6inches wide
      sitting against an outside wall. I would like to remodel the kitchen and would like to know, it I could put a
      sink over the radiator or instead of dealing with this radiator, buy two smaller radiators and put them on the
      inside walls? This house has hot water heat.
      Also is it possible to add to the system if I wnat to heat the attic? Should I buy a mre efficient boiler wiht
      a larger capacity to accomodate additional rooms?
      Thanks. -Mary

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      Harold Kestenholz

      Yes, it is possible to build a sink over the radiator. A custom cabinet can also include a passage for air to enter under the radiator and come up a chennel at the back wall. You can also remove the radiator and install small ones at the side walls.

      An informed installer can do a heat loss calculation on the building and estimate how much radiation you already have to see if you can add heat to the upper floors without buying a larger boiler. Many boilers were installed in the past that were much larger than necessary – which would leave room for more radiation elsewhere. There is a heat loss calculation program to do estimates and a design course at: http://www.hydronic.net

Viewing 1 reply thread
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