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      A welder said he could weld me copper shower walls.

      Does anyone have any experience with metal shower walls? How do they get attached to the walls? How do they get inserted into a tile shower base? Is this even practical? How much does copper sheets cost? And what thickness of copper sheets would be needed?

      Any answers or feedback to any questions would be appreciated.

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      Dave, My first question is, Why?
      I am sure this day and age anything is possible. I get the feeling there is some underlying reason why this may have come up as an option.
      I personally have not seen alot of copper shower walls, which lead me to think it is not the best way to keep moisture off the wall.
      What is your thinking? AND How did the welder get involved in this project to begin with?
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California

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      My thinking is that copper could look distinctive and unusual. I know that copper has been used to make bathtubs in the past.

      I believe it has the potential to be waterproofed if the corners of the sheets of copper are welded together. But beyond that I have no idea if it can be waterproofed if the metal has to get bolted into the wall.

      I think copper could be cheaper to use than granite or some other stones.

      Finally, I am trying to think outside the box, no pun intended.

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      Copper is GREAT but even using 14 oz per foot would not be very ridgid.

      Copper also would tarnish very easily.

      Why not think Stainless steel

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      Yes you are right and I had not thought about how the copper would tarnish so easily. Perhaps it is best for me to stick with tiling. Maybe I would consider stainless steel if I find out more about it.

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      If you want to find out about Stainless steel Look in the kitchen in any restaurant Or look in any operating room Or look at any flushometer like Sloan Royal Or an Autopsy table Or most residential kitchen sinks.

      How about most “silverware”

      Yup stainless steel Lasts

Viewing 5 reply threads
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