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      Hi Folks,

      We seem to be having a problem with a new H2O heater. Problem is I can not coninve anyone it is our heater. Everyone blames it on the water. Clothes and dishes become splotchy with a light tan color. Tang/Crystal Light are the only remedy. I place the problem on the heater because I have filled up one tub with cold water, and one with hot. The hot tub discolored a new t-shirt, and the cold one did not. We have flushed the unit, and the water in it was discolored, but the problem does not go away. We are in a duplex, and it is only happening on our side of the unit.

      All hints/suggestions are appreciated!

      Jim in GrandForks

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      Jerry Peck

      How new is the water heater and when did the problem start?

      Possibly a defective dip tube in the new water heater?

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      My first question is how old is your new heater and was there a problem before?

      If the answer is somewhat new to new and it started after it was installed, take a flashlight light and look at all the new fittings that were used for the installation.
      What you are discribing could very easily be a rust problem. Looking at the fitting should tell you if brass, copper, or galvanized was used. Be sure to carefully check out the threaded fitting going directly into the tank. There could be several configurations of fittings, but regardless, a threaded fitting of some type had to be used. If you see a black iron pipe fitting, that’s a problem and that’s your rust.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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