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      I have excessive water pressure from my water meter to my house. This pressure (about 125 PSI) has caused my water line in the yard to develop leaks/breaks a couple of times. I am interested in having a plumber install a Pressure Relief Valve at the meter. My questions are: (1) should a box be put around the PRV to protect it? (2) what pressure should the PRV be set at? I dont know what the PRV in my house is set at (whatever its set at, the pressure inside my house is fine), but I dont want the pressure to be too low coming into the house such that the PRV in my house then lowers the water pressure even more. (Does that make sense?) In other words, if the pressure in my house is 80 PSI, should the PRV at the meter outside be set at, say, 95 PSI? I guess that the pressure should be set so that I have sufficient pressure to use a hose outside, yet also so that the stress put on my outside water line is not a concern for me (I sure dont want any more broken water lines.) By the way, I have PVC pipe in my yard, and I have no desire to replace it with copper (that was suggested by one plumber). Thanks for any assistance!

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