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      Every pipe in our house seems to hammer no matter what faucet, shower, toilet, or sprinkler system is running at the time. The only thing that doesn’t affect it is a hot water reciruclator.

      A plumber told me to shut off the water supply to the house, drain the system, then turn it back on again. The hammering stopped for a few hours then returned louder than ever.

      We tried an arrestor already with no luck.

      Any other ideas?

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      Harold Kestenholz

      The most likely suspect in producing water hammer is a long run of small-diameter tubing that ends in a rising loop that can trap air. Water hammer is the result of a large quantity of water moving at high velocity against some fittings and turns near an air bubble. Loose pipes with too few supports can increase the problem. Look for changes in direction, bull tees and stops at the end of long runs of tubing.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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