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      I posted in the gas area also, but we REALLY need some advice so I’m desperate…it’s a gas fired hot water boiler – and when it kicks on, it’s LOUD – not just a click – I don’t know how to describe it but it doesn’t seem like it should be so loud and forceful sounding…enough to wake a light sleeper at night anyway.
      We don’t know anything about these systems and it seems the company that manufactured ours is out of business so I can’t even get a manual or anything. We don’t know if what we are hearing means we need service…and what should it cost us to have someone come out and tell us about our system and what to look out for? Any insight will be so greatly appreciated!!!

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      Harold Kestenholz

      A very noisy starting fire may be a sign of delayed ignition. There are a few causes of this problem. You require the services of an experienced gas technician to correct the problem ASAP.

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