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      I posted this question a while ago and got no responses…
      Can any master plumbers ou there recommend a great electric hot water heater (brand, model, or type)
      If you’re reluctant to name one brand over another, can you give me any tips on materials/features to look for? i.e. does anyone make a stainless tank? That’s my favorite material… should last forever. Sacraficial anode rods? What about “glass lined”? capacity per bedroom? or per bathroom/fixture? Is this a design flow question?
      I’m just trying to sort out what’s important and relevant from manufacturer’s BS and hype.

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      There is no such thing as a hot water heater. Cold water is heated in a water heater either electric or gas. As far as brand, you get what you pay for, and most come with some type of warranty. Dayton
      H.W. Rheem. V/R

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      Thanks for nothing, Dude. I’m not a pro. You know what I meant. A WATER HEATER FOR DOMESTIC HOT WATER. Gosh… you get what you pay for? Wow. There’s a revelation. Thanks for being so specific. Why not just say “buyer beware” or something like that. Why respond at all? Obviously they come with warranties. It really would have been better if you had not responded…

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      fourth year

      The “best water heater” is a subjective thing. In addition there is not as much of a selection as you would think. State makes Reliance, Maytag, Sears among others. Rheem makes Ruud, GE, Richmond, etc. The only difference among brands is the tank and insulation. They all buy their elements, and thermostats from the same suppliers. The self cleaning feature does not work too well with the current flow restricting faucet, since it requires a rapid flow to perform its function. And when it does work, it sweeps the sediment into the hot water pipe where it can plug up your faucets. Heaters with an extended warranty are the same units that have a 5 or 6 year warranty, you just paying an additional fee for an insurance policy. So you don’t always get what you pay for if you shop smart.

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      I appologize Mr. Homeowner, my intentions were not to insult you.
      I would look up a local LMP with a good reputation as there are many factors to be considered before purchasing a water heater. Best of luck to you.


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      I can’t remember the specific model, but I bought a 40 gallon energy efficient model from Sears. I remember that I paid over $300 for it. It was a tough decision since I could have bought a less efficient model from elsewhere for about $150. After installing the Sears heater, it knocked off about $20 a month from my electric bill. It only took about 8 months to break even on the cost difference. I’ve been saving money ever since. My 2 cents worth…

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