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      Hot water comes out of pressure relief valve. I’ve already replaced old valve thinking that was the problem. Reliance water heater is 8 yrs old and my next step is to change the pilot generator. Sometimes the burners turn off automatically and sometimes not. Some advice is needed here.

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      If the burner is firing AFTER the setpoint temperature is reached then turn off the fuel supply immediately and have a licensed professional check it for you!
      Has there been any recent alteration done to the water supply piping? ie: water meter, check valve installed? Is there any reason for your incoming water supply to be greater than usual?
      If the problem is a failed thermostat then have it rectified IMMEDIATELY!

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      Thanks for the advice Mike M. What part of the water heater is the thermostat located in? Do I need to take that part to my local plumbing store to have it replaced? At the present time I’m using the manuel shut-off when I accumulate sufficient hot water.

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      For recreation what do you do? Light the fuse on a stick of TNT and see how close it gets to the blasting cap before you put it out? Save your life and possibly your neighbor’s, call a professional.

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      I got your reply, Art. Thanks to you and M. Murray for your time to answer my request. I don’t consider myself to be a fool so I’m taking to heart what both of you are telling me. May God bless you both for your wise counsel.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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