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      What exactly does the term “rough-in” with regards to plumbing in a bathroom mean? Does it include connecting the toilet, bathtub, etc. to the sewer system coming into the home?

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      It sometimes depends on what type of project it is. If it is a new structure, then the rough in is the underground waste/water piping. The next stage is the top out where tubs are set, the water is installed in the walls, and the various wastes and vents are piped above the floor and through the roof. The final phase is the finish when the toilets, sinks, etc. are installed and connected. If it is a remodel or addition, then the first two steps maybe able to be combined into one rough in stage, but in any case the toilets and sinks are still installed at the finish.

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      Different terms for different places
      Brisbane Australia

      Sub drains = drainage under slab
      sewer = is all sewer drainage in the ground including the above
      Rough-in = all water service in building
      stack/elevated = basicly all waste above ground
      Fit off = placing PC items where they belong
      Final = the last inspection by the council

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      The “rough plumbing” according to EVERY CONTRACT I have ever signed was the following.

      The installation of all soil, waste and vent piping and water risers and branches.

      The installation of gas piping risers with nipples and caps exposed for the finish work.

      The sprinkler risers and branches with piping set with caps and no sprinkler heads in place until completion (then the final test)

      There 2 inspections normally the roughing and the finish.

      The setting of fixtures and chrome plated nipples and exposed shut off valves normally came on the “finish” part of the contract.

      The bath tub and shower bases normally are part of the roughing part of the contract.

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