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      Last month I moved into a 2-bedroom apartment which has a fairly new 40-gallon electric water heater. Im barely getting enough hot water for a 10-15 minute shower, and a few days ago the heater couldnt produce enough hot water for 2 minutes of shower after my roomate took a shower 2 hours earlier. Ive got both elements set to max hot, and the shower head draws at most 2.5 gallons/minute. Hot water pressure seems to be less than cold water pressure.I wanted to get some advice before I go complaining to the management. We had about a 40 gallon gas heater in my parents 3+ bedroom house, and there was never a problem with me taking a shower after my dad. Am I right to think theres something wrong with the water heater?I read some of the other messages, and Im guessing it could be the elements or dip tube. The circuit breaker for the water heater was turned off (probably with water in the heater) for a few weeks before we moved in.Thanks, Adam

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