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      Avatar photoMasterPlumbers

        i need a faucet to fit an old crane kitchen queen needs seperate valves and a low rise 10″-12″ spout. the valves mount on a 45 degree angle on the backsplash.the spout come out of the back of the backslash aganst the wall . any help greatly appreciated.

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        Avatar photoScott Bryan

          although complete faucets for the Crane kitchen queen sink are no longer available many of the original parts are. What is the problem with the original faucet?


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          Avatar photoGuest

            the spout is leaking where it swivles and there is some sort of epoxy actually holding the spout to the sink ,i guess the nut beneath the sink is gone or broken. the finish on the spout is in bad shape.I am using kolher valves for the supplies and they are fine, i just need a spout that looks and works betternd will actually bolt down to the sink.

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            Avatar photoGuest

              The spout on the orignal faucet is in bad shape .It leaks at the swivel point and the whole spout is attached to the sink with some sort of epoxy.I guess the nut under the sink broke at some point. The finish on the spout is in bad shape and there is no airator on the end of the spout.

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