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      I have no hot water pressure in the entire house.What is a tankless coil?Where is it?And we run off a well if that matters.

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      A tankless coil is JUST THAT a coil normally running through a boiler steam or hydronic that picks up heat from the ambient temperature inside this box (chamber).

      The water makes several passes and that is how water gets hot.

      A tank is not used for storage in this kind of application UNLESS you ask for an unfired pressure vessel which is another great way to go.

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      Sorry, I just noticed you asked about WELL WATER.

      YUP it could matter if this water has a lot of minerals as it can leave these deposits inside the copper coils and act like hardening of the arteries

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      ok how much does the part cost?Can I get one myself or does a plumber have to.Can I replace it myself?How much should it cost for a plumber to do it?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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