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      dishwasher is only six months old…I highly doubt it is the pump…difficult to remove and reinstall…does not drain into disposal but does connect with my sink drain…has worked perfeclty until now. Would Drano damage my dishwasher? What about Lye?

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      It does not have to be the pump, it could be the valve that diverts from the washing circuit to the drain circuit. 6 months old is still under warranty.

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      I called GE bc it is still under warranty…they said it is a simple drain clog. Simple maybe but is there an easy way to clear it? btw my dishwasher now has water AND drano in the bottom of it.

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      My dishwasher will not drain.What could be wrong with it?Ireally dont wanna spend alot of money to have it fixed.

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      If its asimple blocked waste pipe, disconnect the waste from the trap or garabage unit, take a DEEP breath, and blow HARD back down the pipe. This, quite often will clear it. Then you are able to remove any crap from inside the machine

Viewing 4 reply threads
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