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      I noticed a problem with my water when at times I would end up with no water coming out while faucet was in use. I notice the pressure guage will fall immediately upon any faucet being turned on. From what I have read on these board, this would indicate that I need a new tank. The tank is as old as the house I think (about 21 years). Pressing the needle on the air valve should leave out air… correct? When I press on the needle it leaves water out which indicates water in the bladder… correct? This would tell me to just replace the tank and forget about trying to repressurize it. Should I bother attempting to drain and repressurize or just buy a new tank? Any suggestions? Is my logic all messed up? I have basically zero plumbing experience but plenty of common sense once I know the basics of something. But since I don’t have the basics I could be way off. Thanks for your help.

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      If you get water out of the air fill valve (Schrader) the tank is toast and needs to be replaced. Think about the 21 years of biofilm that is inside that tank.

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