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      We have a very old house. Our septic system has been in place for about 50 years (we think). We have a bad odor problem and standing water above the leach line. We believe we have only one leach line because of the single long stretch of wet and muck across our yard. We have been using bacterial additives for two years now but we really dont think the problem is the tank because the wet streak stays wet all the time. We think we need to add more leach lines or maybe our leach feild isnt working. Does this sound right? What would we need to do to correct this? We do not have much money to do this, actually we have next to no money to put toward this right now. Can you tell us the most economical way to do whatever needs to be done? Also, can we do it ourselves?

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      >Does this sound right?Yes, it sounds right. You probably need new leach lines.Chemicals, bacteria sometimes work but, after 50 years it probably is time for new lines and you simply will have to spend the moneys.

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