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      The hot water pressure in the entire house has all of a sudden dropped considerably.We cleaned the screens in the feed and backflow.We also changed the hot water extender tempering valve (70A series).This has done nothing.When the temp is set to 120 it is all cold with fine pressure.At 170 temp the pressure drops to nothing but we get hot water.The house is 13 years old.Please help we have 5 people living in the house and we can’t take showers and baths take forever to fill the tub. Thank you

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      Harold Kestenholz

      It seems your tankless coil has experienced a plug. You can test the flow rate through the coil by putting cold water pressure in one side and seing the time it takes for 5 gallons to get out the other side. This is similar to the amount you will get out of the tap when the cold water to the mixing valve is shut off. If you have a clog, a professional can do a boilout or replace the coil as needed.

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      How much should this cost.I ahve no idea where this coil is.Iwas told I would just be better off getting a new water heater.The heat for the house and hot water are on the same thing.How much would that cost new?

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