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      Periodically, I get large white flakes in my hot water. It clogs all the aerators on my faucets and floats in the tub when people take baths. I’ve tried to drain my water heater, but that doesn’t seem to do the trick. Is there anything I can do short of getting a new water heater? (My house and water heater are only 4 years old).


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      Call a Licensed Master Plumber and tell him/her to check your dip tube THEN get your money back from this service call and new dip tube from the manufacturer

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      It is the dip tube and they are very easy to replace yourself, just follow the directions.

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      dip tubes are easy to replace, go to your hardware store and ask for one and follow the directions.

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      Thanks. I have filed a claim with the dip tube litigation and it sounds like my problem is, in fact, a defective dip tube.

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