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      Being in the middle of replacing a galvanised iron water main to the house (the inground pipe has been replaced), we find it almost impossible to get under the house to complete the job.
      The questions are how long will a galvanised iron pipe last in free air under the house?
      Any answers to tight situations?

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      How big is a ball of string ??

      I have seen the gal water pipes in a 100 year old house still holding up. And ones in 40 year old stuffed. But i will not last for ever. Maybe consider running around the outside of the building to the other side.

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      Bungies post pretty well covers it.
      It is possible to pull the old galvanized piping out from beneath the foundation and house with the proper equipment (provided there are no offsets in the line). A new line is attatched to the old line before it is pulled, and is towed into place as the old line is pulled out.
      There would still be the need to access the area where the connections are to be made. HDPE pipe is the preferred material for this type of replacement technique.

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      Thanks for your help guys. We have replaced the pipe with copper up to the house and teed off at that point again with copper to the kitchen tap. We placed a tap after the tee to facilitate a shut off of the old pipe should it give way.
      Looking at the thirty year old pipe under the house we find nerly the original wall thickness left however the pipe is closed up to a large degree with sediment. All the best: Schoen

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      If your ground is not full of rocks, it may be fairly easy to wash a copper line in with water preasure. Punch a hole in the cellar wall, dig a small ditch where you want to end up, and take your best shot.

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