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      We built a home this past year that sets approx. 900 feet from the street. The supply line is 3/4 inch from meter to house. There are 3 faucets installed in- line at about 300ft+- 600ft+- and 900+-(right before it comes in the house.)(Meter rating is 50 to 60 psi rated for 30 gpm max)
      I checked gpm flow at each faucet and the result is 21gpm 12.5gpm and 6.6gpm respectively. There is no blockage in the pipes. I have been told that it is a volume problem. The first 400ft of line is a gradual down-hill run through a creek bed (total elevation drop approx. 20ft.), then the remaining 500ft+- is on a long gradual rise (total elevation rise approx. 12 to 15ft.)
      Will it help to increase the pipe size on the first 400ft or the last 500ft OR will it have to be the entire run? Also, should this be the right solution should I use 1 1/2″ or a 2″ pipe for volume.
      I am trying to avoid digging the creek out (pipe is under concrete)
      I know that my meter can handle the flow I just need help finding the right solution on getting it to the house.

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      You could increase the size of the line to the point before the creek this will give you a lesser pressure drop to that point. If this does not give you satisfory flow then you would increase the line further. 30 GPM is a lot of water for the average residential user, also the water district should be able to help you. Keep in mind 3/4 pipe at 10gpm the pressure drop is appr. 9pound/100ft, where 11/2 pipe at 10gpm the pressure drop is appr. 1/2pound/100ft.

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      Thank you WPC
      I am digging this weekend!

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